Friday, September 19, 2008

Update 32 and Inspiration 5

Hey everyone - it's been a funny old week (and a half) with not a lot of obvious highlights. But I suppose that's to be expected in a week where one of my teachers is arrested and charged with three counts of indecent assault on two of my students! I hope you weren't drinking a cup of coffee while reading that - it's probably all over the screen now! Why can I tell you that? Because he didn't get name suppression, nor did my school so if you google Stratford High School these days you'll get a news report I'm sure. This'll explain why the update's a tad delayed too - I've been otherwise preoccupied!

Anyway here I am finally...obviously it's been a testing week but there were highlights - Jacky and I visited Orewa last weekend and saw dad, Ross and the rest of the northern Purdys, as well as Adam and Keegan in Hamilton. Jade got some replacement cats for Ellie from the SPCA (names - Squeeze and Soda), fathers' day was the best ever - Jade gave me the boxed set of Seinfeld season 8, Samantha rang and the boys gave me CDs. Wahoo. Adam's two CDs were of him playing all the instruments and pretty snazzy it is too. Keegan's were of the Mats Morgan Band and Naked City. They were great too. Clearly both outfits are Zappa devotees of the Hot Rats era. Me too! In sport - Arsenal had a great win 4-0 at Blackburn then 3-1 away at Bolton; Manchester United (aka the scum) Spurs (aka old scum) both lost last weekend. Double wahey!! The All Blacks beat the aussies to take both the Bledisloe Cup and Tri-Nations. I'm never that bothered with the tri-nations thing but I'd hate it if we lost the Bledisloe (for the puzzled - this is the annual competition between Australia and NZ). As for music - while in Auckland I visited Real Groovy and picked up some Porcupine Tree and Dream Theater CDs.

Nature watch: two more lambs born healthy yesterday but three lambs (triplets) didn't make it last week unfortunately. The weather is starting to get milder with less rain and the grass is shooting away. It's light now until after 6pm.

Inspiration time and boy did I need it this week. My inspiration for this post is ESCAPISM. Ever since I was young boy I played that silver ba...ahem...ever since I can remember I've escaped! For a start it was sport, books and comics, then TV and radio as well as sports, books and comics, then from about 1970 onwards increasingly it's been through film and music and yes I really am that shallow. At this stage of my life it's Seinfeld, Dream Theater, blogging and currently I'm reading Edward Rutherfurd's 'London'. 700 pages down and a hundred to go.

I've just had a think about things and realise that (duh) escapism isn't inspirational, it' While the above thoughts stand - Spiderman, Seinfeld etc don't exactly inspire me. I love them but I don't aspire to have spidey like powers or do stand-up. But music does continue to inspire me so instead I'll go with a picture of Lennon for the gallery on the left. The inspired bit comes from his example (of soul laid bare honesty, humanity, and coruscating talent). The luminous talent comes out obviously in his songs. Top 3 - 'Don't let me down' (as you know), 'Across the universe', and 'Yer blues'.

I'll also name check as inspirations my favourite writers - William Goldman (on the right) and Nick Hornby. I've still only ever written one fan letter in my life and it was some years ago and it was sent to William Goldman. His screenplays are great (Butch Cassidy, All the President's Men, Princess Bride and many more) but I love his novels and non-fiction books ever more. The amazing 'Adventures in the Screen Trade' and 'The Colour of Light' are worth seeking out. For Nick Hornby it was like finding my long lost twin brother- he was also born 1957, also is an Arsenal obsessive and also was an English teacher (okay that's where similarities end but you get the drift). He also writes like a dream. I read his stuff and instantly both get it and wish I'd written it. Give his blog (on the left) a try and you'll see what I mean. 'Fever Pitch' is in my top 5 all time and his 'About a Boy' was a great book and outrageously an even better film!!

Okay - it's Monday - another day in paradise. Have a good 'un, we have two weeks holiday coming after this week - that should fire me up!

Love and peace out - W

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