Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Somewhere near Japan

Waitangi weekend came and went and I got busy with wallpapering the hallway (5 doorways, a powerbox, a big window, and three power points...I know I know - cry me a river). You may remember I told you that I stripped off the old garish paper last year and the job has been waiting in the queue. I'm not a keen wallpaper hanger and I can lose temper with near and dear ones when things don't go right so it's best to stay away when I'm in wallpaper mode - which is what the family did! It looks pretty good though and I'm happy with the results. The next interior decorating job is the lounge - I've also picked paper off that room too and it looks worse than the old hallway. It'll have to keep for the next holidays though when I can get some days in a row to tackle it.

Adam sent some pictures from Japan which I'm sharing with the whanau:

Why he has that expression I have no idea but there you go.

An update on the family - Jade is off on her year 13 leadership camp at present (I go out for a night tonight so I'll take my camera for some action shots), Samantha is currently in Wellington getting her new flat organised. She's been feverishly planning her year of late. This includes leaving for America during 2009 where she'll stay for a year. Keegan is hard at work in Auckland.

Nature watch notes - we've had some stinking hot days but then some torrential rain yesterday. Today we have overcast and cooler weather which is nice. The grass has stopped growing in the paddocks - too much heat/not enough water. Jacky is sending a loan horse back this week - the horse (Jack) has been stroppy and Jacky's shoulder injury means the horse is too much for her. Jade left the back gate open yesterday (and the back door to the house). When Jacky came back from physio she was met by the sheep in the back yard and in our laundry and toilet area. They made a mess! Jade wasn't popular!!

Currently grooving to Porcupine Tree, Ozric Tentacles and Spock's Beard - prog bands!

Sports thought for this post - Chelsea fire their coach (Big Phil Scolari - a football genius!). This is insanity. I would be in despair if I was a Chelsea fan - if it's not instant success the coach is history. They've had 4 coaches in (I think) the last 2 years. Meanwhile Arsenal struggle (nil nil draws lately) and no one says Wenger must go. Rochdale continue on a winning season. Wahoo!!

Love and peace - W

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