Sunday, October 18, 2009

You say it's yer birthday, well it's my birthday too yeah!

That first week back at school was hard work, not made easier by Jade having to spend two nights in hospital with severe abdominal pains. Her appendix may be grumbling. We don't know, and the doctors know about as much as we do. She's back at school too but we are monitoring things closely.

In other news a number of us have experienced birthdays of late. In a shock move that has surprised a few, I've decided to suddenly recognise birthdays of friends and family, given my new Edward Kennedy/patriarchal role. So take a bow: Greg Knowles 18 September, Michelle O'Neill 24 September, me 1 Roctober (I told you it was my birthday too yeah). Scott Purdy turned 14 in early Roctober, Ross Purdy hit the astronomical age of 50 last Sunday (Lynda beat him to it by reaching the same milestone 9 Roctober). Coming up is Hayden Purdy 23 Roctober - who turns 16. November is a bumper month too! If you had a birthday between Greg's and Hayden's - sorry but I didn't know about it so please enlighten me as I go!

Sadly - to balance the birthday frivolities we also received news that Sallie's horse had a stillborn foal which is devastating given the care, expense and time invested so far by Biddy and Sallie.

Making a return visit - nature watch: It hasn't stopped raining for about a month in New Zealand, so it's all rather soggy at the moment. I hope it's better at your end. The spring growth is immense. We have so much grass - it's going to be a bumper crop this year (we still have tons left from last year, even after selling about 30 bales, so if you want hay...). For some reason the daffodils were very poor this year - throughout Taranaki. Strange - given the freezing winter we've had. Same with the rhodos. The bird life however is thriving. We're woken up by a fantastic array of birdsong each morning (and Bazil doing his yelpy act because no one has untied him yet).

In other catch up stuff - I've finished wallpapering the lounge. It was always on my agenda for the last school break but after dad passed away I really needed to keep busy. So Jacky and I painted and wallpapered the lounge and dining area. It looks 100% better. Adam has finished his university exams and now waits for the results. Jade is four weeks away from leaving school FOREVER. Samantha has a groovy job as a dog groomer...excuse me - assistant to a dog groomer, that she is enjoying in San Fran. Rochdale football club have had two wins on the bounce, as have The Arsenal. Keegan is enjoying working his way through some of my old music scrapbooks (I also had a huge sort out after dad passed away - tidied up all the personal papers, threw away two bin loads of toss and donated stuff to Keegan that he might like).

And Michelle and Gavin have bought a bus. Yes - a bus. It's actually pretty gnarly! Think Ken Kesey and the merry pranksters circa 1969. Michelle has even started tie-dying lessons. Maybe the kaftans and Gavin's dreadlocks are a step too far but all power to them! The picture up top shows Gavin loading up to go on their latest trip (wow - man - freaky drug references dudes).

...and I'm currently grooving to some great new ones by Muse, Mastodon, Porcupine Tree - all loud, brash in yer face style - perfect antidotes to introspective musings (pardon the pun again).

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