Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Who knows where fate comes from? (Mary Chapin Carpenter)

It happens every four years and it's happening right now. Euro 2012 is in the preliminary pool stage before all hell breaks loose with the sudden death quarter finals.

There's all the usual script components: a group of death (Denmark, Germany, Holland, Portugal); England playing in a laboured fashion and blaming the heat; Rooney is suspended (he misses the first two group games); great goals (this morning's equaliser by Poland was sublime); camera shots of beautiful foreign women (never see that in the premier league coverage) and fat blokes with their kit off and painted up in the national colours; tears and joy. All human drama is trotted out basically.

I wanted to focus on one special moment at this stage.

If you look really carefully at the Gomez goal...

...you will see that it is down to a split second of chance. As the ball is crossed into the box it takes a wicked deflection off a Portuguese defender and loops up perfectly to meet Gomez' head. Without the deflection? Harmlessly headed away by another defender and the game turns in another direction.

This is why I love sport so much. At any given moment in time anything can happen. The possibilities are endless. Gomez was fated to score (he was also about to be replaced by the coach - if he had been substituted a minute before, Germany may not have scored. Gomez stayed on side and moved into a promising attacking position).

Who's going to win Euro 2012? At the moment any of the 16 teams still have a shot. Should be a great few weeks of viewing.

Love and peace - Wozza

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