Wednesday, November 6, 2013

I'd have to be a warrior (Wishbone Ash)

I have never been a fan of Movember. Yes it's a great cause (it promotes awareness of prostate cancer) but I don't like facial hair and I don't look good with a moustache. All to do with my face shape yunnerstand.

Plus SWMBO hates facial hair - if I forget to shave for a day or so she's calling me Santa Claus and making 'you look like a burgler' comments. Subtle she's not.

This year during Movember I am teaching in an all girls' school - where the male staff are few in number. We have been engaged in male bonding type events during the year as a matter of self preservation (and sanity). We're BLOKES dammit. The testosterone ozzes out of every manly pore that we can muster.

So given all that you won't be surprised to learn that the blokes talked me into participating in Movember by the usual male shaming exercises (we're not hard to work out ladies).

I decided to avoid the straight moustache look - I've tried that a couple of times, once at University and then when Keegan was born in 1984 and it didn't work out well each time so I didn't want to repeat that - I've therefore opted for a goatee style (the blokes at school are doing full beards but I WOULD look like Santa if I tried that and SWMBO made her feelings VERY clear about that not being an option).

So far (a week in) so okay - my beard grows in a weird way - with a few unwelcome gaps in the bottom bit. I wanted to look like Jeff Fisher (coach of the St Louis Rams in the NFL) but that became a forlorn hope real quick.

Unlike Jeff, my beard is white in weird patches. Sounds great huh. Jeff or me? Can you even tell the difference? One is a wildly charismatic, mega rich, handsome sporting legend and the other is Jeff.

I may admit defeat and go for a Frank Zappa style yet. We shall see.

It goes without saying that SWMBO hates it all, but I am committed to seeing it through to the end of November. Stop sniggering in the back!

Still - I cling to the idea that it's a good cause - I've posted a link to the Nu Zild Movember website where you can donate so that SWMBO's sacrifice is not in vain.

Love and peace - Wozza

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