Monday, December 22, 2014

It's what we are (John Mayer)

And so, this is Christmas...again.

Time to get the tree decorated and the presents bought, Christmas music sorted (nice music according to SWMBO, not that hillbilly Phil Spector stuff), and the pantry fully loaded. You know the drill.

Part of our (okay - my) Christmas routine is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - the perfect Christmas movie.

This year it also means managing work schedules for Keegan, Jade and SWMBO and making contact with relatives in the outer rim (we've had a big gathering of the tribes this year so it's okay that Christmas will be a scaled down event on Red Phoenix Farm).

Wherever you find yourself (and remember: wherever you go - there you are) I hope Wozza's Place finds you and finds you well.

Love and peace (on Earth) to you and yours - Wozza 

Post script: To those who say I lack a little in the old Xmas spirit department - here are the fabs giving it some in 1963 - gear, cor de blimey and he should know!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

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