Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sounds like a lot of supernatural baloney to me.

In Stand By Me, the writer at the end types: 'I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?'

True, but as I enter my 7th decade I can re frame that as: 'I never had any friends earlier on like the ones I had when I was sixty. Jesus, does anyone?'

The ones that have lasted are true gold. They are the ones who know you and are still friends.

All the shorthand of a lifetime of friendship is there and it's so easy with each other.

There's no pretense and there's always implicit forgiveness. We know each other.

Like most people in the post Facebook world we live in, I have over 100 'friends' (119 actually, I just checked. The median number is 200 so I have room for growth I guess) - many of whom I never hear from (and they don't hear from me).

Facebook has redefined 'friendship' by mingling the layers from periphery to inner sanctum. 

One of my oldest friends gave me some vinyl recently. It included an album we both know inside and out - The Monkees' Head

Probably, an album only 5 other people know as well as we do. In fact, most people on planet Earth have no idea it even exists.

I have become the keeper of the flame of that particular memory: a true honour!

Only a friend of long standing knows what that means.

Love and peace and dandruff, dandruff - Wozza

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