Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update 37

A sigh of relief first up - the senior prize-giving happened yesterday - the year's most formal assembly for the school and all went well. If you want to see my speech it's at my Principal blog.

I haven't done a weather report for a while now and it's hot - hot enough to boil a monkey's bum in fact. The last three days are like God decided to turn the Stratford thermostat up to 'HOT'. With hot comes radiation/sunburn (everyone is whitey white white because of our ludicrously long period of no sun) and burning hot cars, a search for shade, and rolled up sleeves (I refuse to wear short sleeves and a tie - does NOT look good!). The animals at home are all clinging to shade and water now becomes an issue. The water-tank will run down and down without any rain to speak of and we'll need to go to the well again.

Lack of water reminds me - Samantha is home for the summer (I'm the only male at home - therefore the only one to take short showers). She did well at University in between the various protests and social events and will head back to Victoria next year. Jade has finished school for the year (all seniors finish with senior prize-giving) and has her externals starting next week - first up biology. Adam and Keegan will be joining us for Christmas which will be great.

Having a bored Samantha at home ("There's nothing to do here" in yer best whiney voice and I see you nodding Pat) has meant the bonus of some video footage that she's posted on youtube. She's promised the next one to have some of us. In the meantime enjoy.

Currently grooving to some vinyl - Hendrix's Band of Gypsies - great music for sunny lazy days.

Take care everyone - see you next time (only four more weeks of school to go and then summer holidays - yeh!!!).

Love and peace - W

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