Sunday, March 1, 2009

London calling to the faraway towns

Go the 'Dale - second in the table! Wahoo!! I have no songs with Rochdale in the title so I'll stick with the Clash for this entry - have you noticed how I use song lyrics for the titles now...? No one has sent me a comment saying - 'Oh yeah - I gettit - Ringo right' - which is disappointing people!! C'mon!! See if you get the next one. Apologies too to the Silent Alliance brigade - they'd be there as well in my last post but I don't have a copy yet of the album. How do I get one Tom/Lewis?

Jacky and I spent the weekend in windy (and wet) Wellington at a posh hotel - The James Cook on the Terrace. OO ER. For those non Nu Zilders I've thoughfully supplied a map. Basically we travelled down the left hand coast to Wellington. Here is a nice picture of the coastline-
We were there cos Fanfa needed her set of drawers and other possessions for her room. She's back in Wellington for her second year at Victoria University. You will all be glad to know that I didn't crumble like a marshmallow when we said goodbye. I did that last year. This year I know we'll be seeing her quite a bit - so it didn't feel final like it did somehow last year - weird.

Wellington itself has a special spot in my heart - it's where Jacky and I went for our honeymoon in April 1984. I'd never been before and I loved looking around the central Wellington area - the botanical garden and Alexander Turnbill Library, as well as the shops.

It was equally as good wandering around in Wellington's CBD this time - Slow Boat Records and Real Groovy provided some relief from the rain (noteworthy purchase - Mostly Autumn's 'Passengers'). We went for lunch at Fidel's on Cuba Street, checked out the impressive sights (lots of younguns in tats and piercings), we (J and I) had dinner together (not often that happens) almost went to a Beer fest by mistake (not us Tina) and crashed a wedding party having their pictures taken along the waterfront. All good. On the left is a view of the area we walked along.

All up a good break from routines (the lawns are long though). Last week also saw our 26th anniversary on the 26th Feb. Twenty-six years ago I saw a vision on the dancefloor at a fancy dress party and the rest is history.

Love and peace - W

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Leda said...

Muchos congratulations for your Anniversary, Warren and Jacky!!! :-) Twenty six years is fabulous!!!
Love you both! With big hugs from Central Australia, xxx Leda.