Friday, March 27, 2009

Take me bak 'ome

Gregarious G-string rightly took me to task for the lack of a song title on the last posting so who sang this one Greg?

Okay well I'm back! An epic journey around the world in 10 days. The return leg started with a trip to the Highbury tube station (Cosmin gave me a lift as it was showering), tube to Kings Cross on the Victoria line, change to Piccadilly line train to Heathrow Terminal 3, London to Singapore on the humungus airbus. Dad now informs me that it's made in France, completely too big and that I'm braver than him for riding on it!! Thank goodness he didn't tell me that before I got on it with the other 839 passengers!). This bit took 13 hours, 2 hour stop off in Changi airport Singapore, then a 10 hour flight to Auckland, another 2 hour stopover there before a 45 min flight to New Plymouth, and finally a 30 min drive back to home base in Stratford. Wow. I have to say I'm a little tired at this point. Still the blog must be completed! I did watch some movies on the flights - Happy Go Lucky is a Mike Leigh film that I loved - laugh out loud stuff at times and how many Mike Leigh films can you say that about? The Coen Brothers Burn after reading - Brad Pitt is hilarious and George Clooney is brilliant in it but John Malkovich is unbelievable. I don't usually like him but he is stunningly good in this. Slumdog Millionaires everyone knows about - I liked it too! No surprises there then. Body of Lies is a Ridley Scott film that I could hardly understand but it looks great and Leonardo DiCaprio is terrific in it (Russell Crowe also).

Tomorrow Jacky and I are off to a Principal's conference in Hamilton (3 and half hour drive north). We aim to see dad, Keegan and Adam while at the conference so pictures will follow. What a bizzy little bee I am.

I've added a link to Keegan's new blog on movies (go left to blogs I'm watching section). Next posting will contain some more UK photos including the oppulent rooms in Randy and Pat's house. Caio for naio.

Love and peace out - W

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