Thursday, December 24, 2009

As I was motorvatin' over the hill, saw Maybelline in a coup de ville.

I hope you all had a groovy Christmas. I spoke with Ross, Christine (sorry it was so early - blame Jacky's clock reading skills), Keegan, Adam and Samantha to wish them a happy Christmas. Being a Friday in Doha things are very quiet until the evening when the shops reopen so we had a very laid back day, and then a lovely meal at The Butcher Shop and Grill in Villaggio. No Christmas fare on the menu unfortunately but we did our best to enter into the Christmas spirit.

Being at Villaggio and speaking to Ross reminded me of the Lamborghini photos I took a while ago. The car is in a protective glass case in Villaggio (the mall that has a Venetian theme complete with gondolas and water features).

I've included this photo of the specs. They include the phone number in case any of you have a spare three million Qatari Riyals lying around and need a new motor. Remember they do barter here so you might be able to lower the price a little. I love the fact they say the car takes 3 seconds to get up to 100kph - that's gotta come in handy!!

There is an interesting model shop at one of the other malls too, I asked if I could take some photos and the three guys in the shop all said - no problem! I was thinking of Ross and his two sons who would love to visit the place I'm sure. The scale of the models ísn't really captured in the photos - they all seem huge to me - a lot bigger than the models I remember having as a young bloke. The roof was covered with planes as well. Quite a place.

Love and peace - Wozza


Anonymous said...

Seasons Salutations!
Hiya Folks, looks like you're settling in and having some fun. We are enjoying the news and photo's, keep them coming. Hope you had as close to a Kiwi Christmas as you could. We were very fortunate to have Carly (& her beau) Josh, join us for a few days on the beach at Mooloolaba and then Christmas at home, was good having ALL our chicks under our roof for this time of year.
We are upping the ante as far as we can, to go home to NZ as soon as we can. Pete has applied for many jobs, despite being pipped at the post and the resultant disappointment, so we're are all looking forward to this ... even though Meg has joined the school band (Saxaphone), has jazz & tap this year, spent a year in Cubs and has successfully attained yellow belt after her frist Tae Kwon Do grading! Busy girl, but she too is looking forward to the return after a year of being teased and sometimes bullied due to her delightful accent, but sometimes too quick verbal response!
Not much news about Jacky?! Is she nursing? I hope Jade settles in well at Uni. Carly has decided to take a year off and then move to Auckland to continue Signing with the the aim of becoming a Deaf Interpreter. She's really quite good, so despite the rocky start at Vic Uni, at least she can use the credits she received. She's currently living and working in New Plymouth.
So, just a quick catch-up and note to say all the very best for 2010.
Take Care of you all.
Ciao 4 now, Frosty, Pete & Megan

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