Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ground control to Major Tom

Life in Doha for us at the moment is split into me being at work (try for that stuff) and Jacky and Jade visiting the souqs (markets) and malls (malls). They've also done a bit of sightseeing around the corniche (the walkway by the seashore).

I've snaffled Jade's pictures of what they've been up to - here's a selection. First a view from the corniche looking at downtown Doha.

Jacky and friend at a souq. The guy in the background is wearing a thobe - what all Qatari men wear.
The ice-skating rink at the city centre mall.

We're at the city centre mall looking down on the rink.

I can't get over how much of the city is a construction zone - this includes road works where they are improving the infrastructure of desalinated water and fiber around the place.

and this is a building project next to the hotel I was in, while doing some interviewing of Principals. I watched at times while guys worked on the bricks on the top floor - no safety harnesses of any kind! I got vertigo just watching them!

Till next time - as salam alaykum, alaykum as salam - Wozza

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