Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good times good times good times (Hard-Fi)

The last week of our London/Belgium trip was action packed and, consequently, I had no time to blog during this hectic time. It was mostly about spending some quality time with friends and family.

Here are the mugshots of the usual suspects.

First I'm with the junior kirkhams - Tom and Fran, then Lew. We're in a pub around the corner from Goodge St station - not far from the hurley burley of Oxford Street. We had a couple of brews (Tom and his Fosters is still haunting me - it's an aussie beer Tom!!) before heading off in our separate directions for a while. Thanks for the CD too Tom - much appreciated.

The next day we journeyed up to Manchester on the train to see Christine. We loved seeing the snow along the way and were hoping for more. The northwest of England did not let us down - it snowed as soon as we arrived. We had a terrific meal at The Shoulder Of Mutton (mushy peas with fish and chips for me, of course) where this picture of Christine and me was taken. From there we went to see Rochdale A.F.C. play at home. Unbelievably The Dale lead league two, and are looking good for automatic promotion. Sadly they lost this game in the snow 3 -1 but I loved the experience: the snow drifting in the lights, the hot cuppa at half time and the time spent with Christine and Allan. Jacky stayed home in Bury and was warm. She watched the Grizzlie Man video and now gets all the 'Mr Chocolate' voices the girls and I do! Sensible, but I had a great time freezing in Rochdale.

Day after that we went back to London on the train and spent time with Pat and Randy. We had a lovely meal in Soho's Chinatown and truffles and coffee afterwards where these stunning photos were taken. It was triffic to hear their news about their NZ purchase of prime 'Naki beach front and generally shoot the breeze.

And so..on to the next day and, sadly, it was time to leave the UK for a while. The trip had come to an end, but along the way we'd visited four different countries (The United Arab Emirates, England, France, Belgium) before getting back to Qatar. Quite an adventure.

Ka kite ano, inshallah. Love and peace - W

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