Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some sad news

Tena koutou - sadly for the second time in my blog's history I have to report the death of a loved one to my whanau.

Biddy Moore, at 96, passed away yesterday after a short stay in Waipukarau Hospital. Our thoughts are with her children Sallie and Tim.

She experienced a wonderful and healthy life for 95 of those 96 years and my memories of her will be as one of life's gracious women. I have known her as the matriarch of the family since I started going out with Jacky - so when Biddy was 69, and of course my own children have known her as the wonderful lady who made the scones and pikelets when we visited. Biddy always thought of others first and never wanted to be a bother - she told us not to come home on her account.

We are naturally on our way home earlier than planned (sorry Biddy - we just have to) and we will be able to attend her funeral on Monday.

Ka kite ano - Wozza

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