Monday, June 21, 2010

It's a slice of heaven (Dave Dobbyn and Herbs)

Well - we're back in Nu Zild after 7 months away. Biddy's funeral was a dignified affair - appropriate to a dignified lady and that wasn't surprising given that Biddy arranged everything - service, casket, etc. The guard of honour from her golfing buddies was a lovely poignant touch.

It's all been topsy turvey since we left Doha last Thursday afternoon. A night in Dubai was followed by the flight to Sydney on the Airbus 380. a short wait there and back onto the Airbus to Auckland. Ross and family met us at Auckland airport which was terrific. They ferried us over to the Domestic terminal and we had another wait until our flight to New Plymouth where we met Michelle. Phew - what an epic journey. But we are safely here. Where? Well I'm still in Waipukarau (Hawkes Bay region) for a few days before we head home to Stratford with Bazil (Sallie has been looking after him for us).

In other news: We had a frost this morning - from 45 degrees in Doha to minus numbers is a little bit of a shock. New Zealand kept Italy to a draw in the world cup. The country is in raptures!! Go the kiwis!

That'll do for now. I'll fix up the blogsite in the next week and do another post once we're home.

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