Monday, July 19, 2010

Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire (The Beatles)

Well giday there - a catch up newsy post seems in order before the usual array of mind expanding posts which will surely follow (I know - don't call me surely).

It has been a long time between posts and that is due to (owing to? Help me PJ - I never got hold of that one) the change in lifestyle, temperature, lack of normality (normalcy?) and inclination as you'll see from the stuff below.

You'll recall that we left Doha in something of a hurry - to get back to see Biddy before she succumbed. Alas we were a day late but made our way immediately to Waipukarau for her funeral. It was everything Biddy would have wanted as a send off - mainly because she organised it all herself. She was a stunner! It was dignified, appropriate and included a fantastic section from the Holy Quran.

We stayed a week with Sallie in Waipuk and bought a car - more precisely a vehicle to tow horse floats (turned out to be a Jeep Grand Cherokee - a V8 beast that tows like a dream).

Back to New Plymouth we trekked and stayed a week with Michelle and Gavin while our new carpet was sorted out in our house. We brought Bazil back from Sallies and picked up an equally fat and healthy cat (Soda Pop) from Pusshaven.

Then came the tragedy of our beloved dog Finn passing away the day we picked him up from the kennels. Something of a mystery ailment struck the little guy down. This devastated us all but Jacky was understandably inconsolable. Finn - our little Yorkshire terrier - was such a special part of our family. It's going to take us ages to recover.

We finally moved back into our house and I started decorating the spare room! Took a week when Sallie came over to stay and help with farm work and take a mini break. After wallpapering/painting the spare room I needed to sort out our laundry - the new lino clashed with the old bright green cupboards (go figure) and was in dire need of surgery. That took another week.

All the while I realised I hadn't blogged the whanau. Thanks to all who have tried to give me a spur the last few weeks.

We've spent the last few days gearing up for Jacky's new horse - Ascot, and watching new lambs being born ( we've lost two so far with the frosts). Currently we have two sets of twins and the latest solo addition to the flock arrived this afternoon.

We've also welcomed a new puppy to the menagerie. I convinced Jacky that we needed a dog to provide company for Bazy and to salve the wounds from Finn's departure. We have a very cute little Cavoodle - half poodle/half cavalier spaniel. He's called Dukkaan - Dook or Dookie for short. Pictures of Ascot and the Dook to follow.

Life is, therefore, slowly returning to normal after our Doha adventure. We do miss it though and miss our new friends that we made there.

Until next time, inshallah - love and peace - Wozza

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Anonymous said...

Hey Warren, so sorry to hear about Finn ... I'm sure he's smiling a doggie-smile at Dookie!!
Good to read the ravings of the Wozza-Man again - have you decided what you're going to be when you grow up yet? Hahahaha had to try this on you as Meg (now 9-going-on-19!)said this to me not long ago!
Stay Upright.