Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've just had a taste of something fine (Jackson Browne)

I love it when members of the whanau get in touch. Tina sent word that she and her husband have become parents, so it's a warm welcome to the (Wozza's) world to young Oliver.

May the force be with him. The crucial question will be which football team is he going to grow up supporting (stay away from the dark side, Oliver). You'll remember from a few posts ago that I waxed lyrical about my favourite holiday in 2003. Tina had a co-starring role and it reminded me that I have a picture from that time of Tina and Jacky at Arsenal tube station.

Some whanau birthdays to celebrate too - Patrick's was last month, and this month Greg and Michelle have birthdays.

We have been busy with planning a house sale and possible move to somewhere else in New Zealand. We have no ties to Stratford any more and have the house for sale on line. Go to for the listing and my groovy photos.

We're not sure about where next - maybe Hawke's Bay or around Palmerston North or maybe somewhere else in Taranaki. Who knows. Will keep you posted (gerrit?).

Love and peace - Wozza

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