Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'll be there with the love that will shelter you (The Four Tops)

Well someone had a birthday recently!

The first of Rocktober has rolled around again and I have had another groovy day celebrating my venturing forth into the world 53 years ago.

Thanks to all of the whanau who got in touch with happy thoughts.

One message reminded me of a great day in 1994 when we all trooped out to Jacket's Island (off Motueka in the Nelson region of the south island) for a farewell dinner at the Sivak's compound (the Purdys were on the move back to Auckland at the time). Their daughter made one of her special cakes for the occasion, decorated as a Lennon face. I just happen to have a photo of said cake, said artist and said family which can go here -

I hope the rest of the Sivak clan is all feeling bosker wherever they are in the world right now. Who can keep track?

Greg K also sent a cheeky little message about me being a year older than him. Hmmm - so here's a bit of payback. Here is the mere slip of a boy in Gregarious G-String mode from his world tour of Mt Eden. I can't quite remember why he was sending my mum this. He's just a giving kind of guy I guess.

Jacky bought me a Kobo e-reader (on Ross and Hayden's advice) as a present and I've been busy getting to grips with it. So far so great. It came loaded with 100 free books of the classic variety. very few of which I've read, it turns out. I've started with Conan-Doyle's The Lost World and so far I'm loving both the book and the e-experience. It ultimately holds a thousand books so I don't think I'll be heading back to the library for a while.
Love and peace - Wozza

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