Friday, January 21, 2011

I turn but do not extricate myself. (Walt Whitman)

I was able to collect up some of my old poetry books before their move into storage (our house in Nu Zild has been sold and all our gear is now in storage in Taranaki). One of the first things I was glad to have back was A Choice Of Whitman's Verse. I've owned this since 1979 and I have felt the need to reread some of Walt's poetry lately.

A phrase from his poem The Sleepers resonates long and loud with me at present:

The soul is always beautiful,
the universe is duly in order...everything is in its place,
What is arrived is in its place, and what waits is in its place.

I really like this as it chimes with what I've read from buddhist teachings. It reminds me of the maple leaf (I know I mention this a lot - check back through the posts if you don't believe me). Once it is free of the tree the leaf will float to wherever it is destined to go. No amount of worry or mental torture and wishing will influence the direction of the leaf.

This is a helpful belief for me - the universe is in order and everything is in its place. Things in my life have happened in accordance with the will of the universe and what is to come is also in order. This is a serene thought. I like it. It works for me!

I have tried to communicate this idea to family members over the years and I have to accept that while it gives me peace - it doesn't fulfil the needs of others. That's fine I guess.

Oh, by the way: from Patrick's initial push - I've decided to grow my hair long - the flattop years are over.

Love and peace - Wozza

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