Friday, March 11, 2011

Been checkin' out the news until my eyeballs fail to see (Zappa)

We turned on the news yesterday to check on the Libyan situation. Al Jazeera has the best coverage of that crisis by far.

I happened to notice the strap line under the Breaking News banner about a quake in Japan. For the next couple of hours we sat transfixed by the images on the TV. CNN had the best coverage for quite some time as they had a direct feed from Japanese TV (Sky News in the UK was more concerned with the Duke of York!!).

It reminded me of watching the twin towers being struck by jet planes one morning long ago. The same feeling of disbelief as a giant wave of black water swept the broken remains of cars, buildings, boats and humanity in its relentless drive over Japanese towns and eastern countryside.

We watched helplessly as the helicopter cameras showed cars and people becoming engulfed in the tidal waves of debris. Incredibly some cars seemed completely unaware of events and travelled into the path of the wave. We watched as a person tried to outrun the water. We watched as fires suddenly erupted in the water and oil refineries burned and stacks of cars, like corks, bobbed in the water.

Now it appears a possible nuclear disaster is being played out.

The pictures have told the story that words fail to do.

The pressure building on the opposing tectonic plates underneath our daily hubble bubble and the huge release of energy certainly puts our tiny little lives into perspective, and reminds us of our fragile existence on this planet.

And Gaddafi and his forces go on killing the innocent in Libya. And we watch.

Love and peace - Wozza

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