Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby, all the lights are turned on you (Billy Joel)

Phew baby - what a busy couple of weeks at work. I have been gearing up for a visit from a UK inspection outfit called Tribal. UK schools are inspected by Ofsted and NZ has ERO. We have Tribal.

They basically come to each school in the UAE that is being supported/advised by an outside provider, like Cognition Education, for two days of check up. Each supported school has a Lead Advisor, like me, and an advisory team. We are responsible for 44 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Yes indeedy - 44.

Each KPI makes up a percentage. They range from 20% to .5%.

To give you an idea - an example is KPI 25 worth .5% which says that food served at school must comply with certain regulations. To prove that I have to provide evidence of our school's policy on school canteens, evidence that we implement that policy, the school nurse's daily checking on food standards, income and expenditure from the canteen is checked, and we need evidence that we consult with the students about the food they receive.

The aim, of course, is to meet all 44 KPIs, and you can probably see what a big job this is. Factor in that I arrived at the end of Trimester 1, had no translator for two months and a part time advisory team and that the company loses money if schools don't meet their KPIs and you'll get a sense of the slight (itsy teensy weensy) stress involved.

So anyway...this week Tribal came to inspect us on Tuesday and Wednesday and we were ready for them. They were impressed and we achieved 100% compliance. Wahoo!!

Steve from Tribal, Wozza with Amir watching robotics.

Mohammed, Wozza, Maggie - ESOL teacher

Wozza, Steve, Mohammed, Bernard (Tribal) and Fadhel (our VP)
Now we can get on with the job of improving the teaching and getting our student achievement levels to increase. The students have their last set of examinations in June and then leave for the year. The school year actually ends on July 13.

Jacky and I are then on holiday for a month before we come back for the start of our second year around mid August. We have decided not to come back to NZ during this break (bit too far and a bit too cold), instead we will fly back at Christmas time to catch up with friends and family.

Jade is going to visit us in early July for a couple of weeks and before that Jacky's dad, Brian, is flying in for a holiday in the desert from the end of next week. If you're reading this Brian you don't need any wet weather gear! It's a gorgeous, balmy 45 to 48 degrees every day.  Temperatures will peak in July around the mid 50 degrees so leave the scarves and gloves on Waiheke.

Jacky and I celebrated the end of being Tribalised by a visit to the movies - Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides.

It seems nothing they will ever do in the franchise will equal the freshness and lightness of touch that was achieved in the first movie - Pirates Of The Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl. Part 4 has some good lines, is fun and makes sense after the complete rubbish of Parts 3 and 4 (yes I know you disagree with me Fanfa), but it is no masterpiece.

It was still a worthwhile experience even if we had to have a hot shower to get our core temperature up after the arctic AC in the multiplex. Second thoughts Brian - maybe you'll need those winter woollies if you want to see a movie while you're here.

Love and peace - Wozza

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