Thursday, May 19, 2011

Feeling California, looking Minnesota (Soundgarden)

Yawm 'asal wa yawm basal (One day honey, one day onions).

I thought it was about time that I gave you a glimpse of where we live. Mainly coz it seems certain that we will be moving in July to a new apartment complex in a different section of Al Ain. More on that when it happens.

On Sunday night after work we went for a walk (as we often do). Here is what we see as we make our way around the block.

We start off our virtual walk outside The Gardens apartments (so called because of the gardens - imaginative bunch aren't they - kiwis). To the left is a main road and we are on a slip road parallel to it. The rubbish carts sit at intervals outside the apartments. Lord knows who or when they are emptied - I've never witnessed it or heard it! The Purdmobile (a.k.a. the Tiida) is the car further up on the right. Next photo is of our neighbours' place - obviously, also kiwis although we've never met them.

All of these pictures are of properties we see on our walk - I took quick snaps so as not to disturb anyone (or get arrested for casing the joint).

These dates that Wozza is admiring are not yet ripe but they grow in plentiful quantities all over the show. Below is our neighbourhood grocery store which is attached to the mosque behind us, and as we round the corner there is The Hilton across the road.

It's real hot now and yet these beautiful flowers seem to grow all year round. These one's are outside the entrance way to Number 17 (we are 7b). We often come across these water stations that are placed outside people's properties for public use.
Homeward bound and we're back on 'our' street.

Love and peace - Wozza

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