Sunday, November 4, 2012

And I think to myself...what a wonderful world (Louis Armstrong)

I thought to myself recently the other day that the whanau continues to grow and expand. This is a great and fantastic thing.

My aims and objectives of this post are to introduce and welcome some new inductees and arrivals to Wozza's world (have a look see at the whanau map).

The above paragraphs, collection of sentences are dedicated and named in honour of Peter Joyce who loves tautology. I'll take a money order but, please - no cheque (why do Americans spell this 'check'?).

Anyway, enough of that (sorry)...a big hello to all the new members. 

Thanks to Fanfa and Jesse, Margo and Clay, we now expand to include the Loud, Dunn, Grossman, Peterson, Rowbotham and Kennedy families. It gets complicated but I think I've got everyone in the correct place on the map. Feel free to send in corrections on a stamped elephant who are these people?

My old university buddy, Chris Loud and his wife Lill Dunn live in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Margo and Clay passed on their emails and we have re-established contact.

Jesse's extended San Franciscan/ Danish families make up the inductees: his dad (Michael Rowbotham), stepmom (Karin Peterson); mom (Cathy Kennedy), stepdad (Dan Grossman); brother (Ian Rowbotham); and half sisters/ step brothers and sisters (Lina, Sara, Emily, Rebecca, Nate and Jamie).

Giday, hi, kia ora, hej, ni hao!
Hand shakes and kisses all 'round!

Love and peace - Wozza

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