Friday, July 19, 2013

Cold wind ripping down the alley at dawn and the morning paper flies (Neil Young)

One week of my school holidays have flown by already. Here are a few random thoughts that popped into my scone:

It's lambing season again and so far it's not been mixed.

We had our second dead ewe to bury at the start of the week which is distressing, depressing and knackering work. When SWMBO and I had finished carting the poor young ewe up the hill (picture rain and a howling gale as well), digging a big hole and filling it in we looked at each other with a doh expression and wondered why the hell we hadn't buried her in the paddock where she was found!!

Off setting that is the fact we have seven healthy lambs so far who have survived rain hail and gales since they emerged a week ago. The last few days have been pearlers so no need for blankets, hotties and dry hay in the stable.

Turned on the TV this morning and watched women's football. Who knew that the UEFA European Women's Championship was on right now?? Have seen zero advertising for it or news anywhere.

I watched England lose 3 nil to a brilliant French team (centre back, Reynard, was amazing). Quarter finals from Monday!! I'll be there.

Fanfa sent me a link to a new Star Wars movie - actually it's the first Star Wars, Episode 4: A New Hope but made by fans in 15 second bits.

It's amazing. Favourite 15 seconds so far (I've watched up to 1 hour 12 mins) are the Darth Vader entrance (by some girls who recreate the Charlie's Angels pose to great effect) and the Yellow Submarine homage (somewhere within that 1 hour 12 mins).

What a genius idea - allow fans to nominate 15 seconds of the film to do what they will and then join them all up together.

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