Thursday, July 25, 2013

She painted pictures that never dried (Teenage Fanclub)

Stensland - Norway's captain
I've really been enjoying the football on display in the UEFA women's Euro competition.

Germany are through to the final (they've dominated the Euro competition having won the last six. Yes - SIX).

They'll be up against either Denmark or Norway (can't believe France didn't make it to the semi-final but that's sport for you) - it's 1-1 at full time and they are playing extra time right now.

Norway's star player is Ingvild Stensland. She is amazing. Great players appear to have extra time on the ball to work their magic and she does. She always looks really composed, all class, and has great skills; no wonder that she's been nominated for the FIFA Women's World Player of the Year award on four occasions. She's also the captain.

Okay - still 1-1 after extra time so it's the drama of penalty kicks.

And Norway win the penalties as Denmark fail to recover from muffing their first two attempts.

Should be a cracking game in the final - Set my sky for Monday morning 1.50 on Sky sport 1.

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