Monday, October 14, 2013

Oh, my special little guy has a sweetheart (Marge Simpson)

Big special congratulations to Adam and Ashleigh who have just announced their intention to ratify their nuptials. Yes they are engaged.

Being 2013 they announced via Facebook rather than the old school notice in the paper. I sent them a message back and used the word fiancé and my brain immediately went into Seinfeld mode.

I've discussed this with Jade before - Seinfeld has relevancy for EVERY situation and I'm not even kidding.

Any relationship, any shopping expedition, any human endeavour - there is a phrase or a line, a joke or a situation from the show that will fit.

Like The Beatles. You'll have long noticed that I use lines from songs (or pop culture in general, like the Simpsons) to title my posts. I could easily just use Beatle lyrics every time. they are often the first things that come to mind.

But anyway...I digress.


I was having a discussion with some students this morning about how randomness may have gathered negative connotations.

What pops into my mind?


Love and peace and hurrah to A/ A - Wozza

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Toni Westcott said...

Congrats to Adam and Ashleigh!
I agree the Beatles always have the right thing to say. I would say Friends is another one that also has a moment to sum up every endeavour :)