Friday, October 11, 2013

You are someone else, I am still right here (Nine Inch Nails)

Another first of Roctober has rolled over and laid down. I had another great birthday thanks to all the social media messages, and thoughts from the family. Bosker!

I have spent my holidays profitably. I have marked and I have prepared. I have mowed and I have chopped. I have read (new Jack Reacher was great - birthday gift from DLG and SWMBO) and I have danced (down tiger - twas in the privacy of ART).

But most of all I've been mildly frustrated by mechanical breakdowns. Yes I know that this is a curse of modern life but why do they all have to go belly up at the same time?

1 The mower - the starter cord thing pulled out of its housing thing. Off to the mower repair shop it went.

2 Car failed its warrant - two new front tyres required thank you.

3 Chainsaw stopped half way through putting down a branch. Wouldn't start. The grinding noise as I tried to restart it was not good.

4 Tractor overheated after half an hour - water coming out of the hose from the radiator seemed like the likely culprit.

Stands to reason I guess - these days we have more and more devices and gadgets and things to help us so the odds are much greater that minor gumption traps will come along to unsettle us. Yes gumption traps - google it and you should be taken to Robert Pirsig's wonderful book.

On the bright side of things -  the fridge is fine (cold beer and coca-ramas - YES), the stereo blasted out for two weeks solid (I'm up to Status Quo on my personal run through all my Greatest Hits sets), the car got us to Tauranga to get Jade to her nursing interview and mysky didn't fail to record all the NFL games, Arsenal TV (bless you Arsenal TV), Cheers reruns on Jones and Wipe Outs (why oh why I love this? Something deeply primordial in that).

My holiday is rapidly coming to its end - back to school on Rocktober 14. Been gear fab gnarly rad bad phat sick groovylicious to the max.

Love and peace - Wozza

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