Friday, February 21, 2014

It's such a feeling, my love I can't hide (The Beatles)

After a shitty week, being at school for 12 days in a row didn't help (last week + Saturday swimming sports + Sunday chapel + this week), I came home after school on freaky Friday and decided to play some loud music and do a workout.

Music (in this case a live Coldplay CD) and hard exercise usually does the trick. 

I had a shower and turned on the TV and it was Sochi Olympics figure skating. I reached for the remote but then stood in amazement, watching a Russian figure skater - 17 year old Adelina Sotnikova - do her stuff.

It was breath taking - literally, and EXACTLY what I needed after purging the week via Coldplay and the cross trainer.

She was amazing. Free. Sassy. Effortless. Carefree. A thing of beauty.

I also loved her emotional moment of release after her performance. She gave it her all. She never gave up, never surrendered. That's inspirational people!

I notice today the usual suspects are on social media (and American news shows) saying the Russians fixed the result, that the silver medalist (Kim Yuna - also amazing) was robbed. 

I know nothing about judging figure skating but I still figure I have the right to say, I'm sorry, but, "Fiddlesticks!!!!"

Have a look at this (not her Gold medal performance at Sochi but the next best thing on youtube) and tell me she's not a glorious freak of nature.

Love and peace - Wozza

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