Saturday, February 1, 2014

In life, as in football. you won't go far unless you know where the goalposts are [Arnold H Glasgow (sic)]

It's February and that means a couple of things, first, a new page and quote from my 2004 calendar.

This month it's the one in the post title. It kind of makes sense but it's not phrased brilliantly. I don't like that phrase about moving the goalpost and. I guess, it must be aligned to Glasgow's quote.

Sidebar: Who was Arnold H Glasgow anyway? No one seems to know much.

Turns out his name may be misspelled on my calendar. According to Wiki answers it should be Glasow without the 'g'. 

Here's the sum total of web information on him (and I'm not sure how reliable it is): 

Arnold Henry Glasow was born in Fond-du-lac, Wisconsin, USA, in 1905, and died in Freeport, Illinois in 1998 age 93. He graduated from Ripon College, and started his own business when he moved to Freeport just after the Great Depression. His business was a humour magazine that he marketed to firms nationally, which firms would turn into their own "House Organ" to send to their own customers. He ran this business for over sixty years but didn't publish his first book until aged 92. The book was titled "Glasow's Gloombusters", one of the many titles he put to his work during his career. He was cited frequently in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Chicago Tribune and many other major publications. He was a regular contributor to the humour sections of Reader's Digest. Sixty years of productive work. Many accolades. A real American thinker, self-effacing and generous of spirit, he shunned the national spotlight.

Anyway I didn't really want to get into the actual quote but instead focus on the other thing about the move into February - that means it's Superbowl time, which is on Monday in New York. 

Wahoo - a superbowl NOT in the sunshine of Miami is very welcome.

All of the hype around the game is always amazing - it's just a game of American Football afterall. At least this year the two best teams will be meeting in the final.

The Seattle Seahawks go up against The Denver Broncos. I'm hoping for a Seahawks win. I have no allegiance to them beyond the fact that one of the whanau is a Seattleite, and, although Clay is not a big football fan, that's enough for me.

But there's more: there's the fact that the pissed off, I'm gonna getchew, seahawk icon (left) is way better than the Denver's slightly manic bronco (right)... 

...and there's Derrick Coleman. He's a Seattle Seahawks safety who also happens to be deaf. He wears hearing aids and lip reads the plays from Russell Wilson. Amazing and totally inspiring.

Besides which Peyton Manning, the quarterback for the Broncos, kinda rubs me up the wrong way. It's his whole mucking around at the line of scrimmage that gets me, plus his whole Tom Hanks aw shucks good ole boy personality. VERY unfair of me I know - but no one is that nice (apart from Tom Hanks that is).

Yes I'm really that shallow.


Love and peace - Wozza

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