Thursday, March 12, 2015

...And it's Arsenal, Ar-sen-al F.C.!!

Old Trafford, 25 Oct 2004,
before the nightmare started
Okay now you can't complain - I HAVE NOT written about football or Arsenal much at all this season.

But I can't resist for this post.

It's been a few days but I'm still smiling at the memory innit; although it didn't start off too well.

I couldn't bear to watch the recent FA Cup quarter final against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

The memories of that day in 2004 - 25th of October - are still painful ones.

I'd traveled up on the train from London wearing my blue Arsenal away shirt amid carriage loads of United supporters in red devil red. The joke being that no one in Manchester actually supports United. 

Yikes. It was all very jovial but, yikes.

During the game our chants of 'Champions Champions' fell silent as the heathen men from the north put us to the sword 2-0 via a Rooney dive and the rest is a blur. Our 49 game unbeaten streak had come to a sad end and I had to endure a walk back to the train and then back to London, passing pubs full of rowdy United supporters giving me grief. Forget yikes - this is deeply troubling, scarred-for-life stuff.

Not cool!

So I confess, I couldn't bare any more pain. I decided to grab the result when I pootled back from getting the Purdsmobile looked at in Hastings (radiator problem).

By that time I knew I'd be philosophical - a late winner in injury time after we'd played well and United had been shite but won it anyway. Sigh.

Otane, 10 March 2015 -
The smile I had on my face watching the game
Arriving back at Red Phoenix farm, I cracked open the lid of my lappy and tuned into the Guardian football page to see - OMG - Welbeck (WELBECK) had scored a winner and we'd clung on to victory.

Go figure.

I then watched the recorded game in a euphoric state. Is there anything better than watching your team win after you know they've won? 

Best moment for me was the 70 min 50 sec mark when the ball was played out of defence to Rooney but three (THREE) Arsenal heroes converged on him and he lost the ball. Wonderful moment!!!

That sound? It's those 2004 demons swooshing their way back into the grave and me stomping the earth down firmly!!


Love and peace - Gooner Wozza from Otane.

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