Tuesday, August 4, 2015

He say, "I know you, you know me." (The Beatles)

Wozza with Deedoo 1959 
Rochdene has been a hive of activity since we moved in a mere three weeks ago. Builders, plumbers, electricians, painters have been in to build Abbey Road Three (ART) which I started moving into a couple of days ago. 

First record on the turntable? Abbey Road of course! Track one, side one: Come Together. 

Apart from all that I've been concreting a floor for SWMBO's tack rooms and building a couple of horse yards (with SWMBO's help).

The family heirloom emerged from the layers of protective tarpaulins on Saturday and fifty of so wheelbarrow loads of concrete later was cleaned up and put away, ready for the next project (a lean to for the horse float).

Sunday was the horse yards' turn. For that I needed SWMBO's help.

No easy task. Helping me. I'm not a fun person to work with when I'm in building mode.

You see - I need to work things out in my head and think about what I'm doing. Building requires certain strategic thinking - about five moves ahead, and when my concentration goes I get grouchy. My default setting in that situation is not something I'm proud of.

When I was a kid I'd help my grandfather, Harry Purdy (Deedoo) and father in their building projects. I was pretty quiet and I watched and tried to predict their needs (a level, hammer, spade...) but mostly I was quiet. Especially  with my dad. 

Deedoo was a skilled craftsman who knew exactly what he was doing by instinct and long established routine. My dad, however, was a pharmacist so everything was precise and he needed to concentrate his powers on the task.

I'm much more like my dad.

Jacky knows this. And helps out anyway. Bless her.

Love and peace - Warren bin Graham

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