Saturday, August 29, 2015

The hero knew what he had to do (David Crosby)

Currently, I'm gutted by all the negative reviews of the new Fantastic Four reboot.

Apparently the story line is a mess. Other stories/reviews have complained about the way the FF franchise has been treated over the years.

What a giant shame.

The promo looked so good too.

A reminder:

But everything I've read about it tells me the movie sucks.

I'm not sure why they can't get this story right. 

The comic holds a special place in Wozza's World. FF was my first favourite comic book...maybe.

Actually that's not true, come to think of it.

First there was Look and Learn and a comic series they featured called The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire

It. Was. Beyond. Awesome.

While I was trying on some trousers last weekend in Hastings' Hallensteins store I got a call on my mobile.

I didn't know what to do for a second. SWMBO was with me in the store and I could see her and she wasn't on her phone.

No one else ever calls me so I was confused.

I answered the call and it was a comic book shop in Wellington. I'd visited them months and months ago and left my number in case they ever got a lead on reprinted volumes of the Trigan Empire.

I've searched for years. Ever since my beautiful mother (bless her heart) threw all my Look and Learns away.

Devastated? Not even close!

So wherever in the world I've washed up and whenever I've spied a comic store I've asked (one in Brugge was OMG, humungous, Trigan Empire).

No luck - out of print and other sad stories have been a constant...until that call last weekend.

The upshot: I may have a shot at the 12 volume set from Holland. It's expensive but I've waited nearly 50 years for this so...eff it.

Love and peace - Wozza

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