Monday, October 12, 2015

Advice for the young at heart - soon we will be older (Tears For Fears)

I'm going to sound like a grumpy old curmudgeon during this post. I just know it!

Recently, SWMBO and I went to Wellington during our break from work. We always stay in central Wellington and wander around places like the waterfront and Cuba Mall.

I enjoyed our stay - I always do as I visit old haunts like Slow Boat Records and Unity Books.

Wandering around though, I was struck anew by how unattractive the latest trends are and how deeply unattractive smoking is ( a lot of it too - we see smokers less and less around Havelock North and Hastings).

Apart from smoking, I'm specifically talking tatts, piercings and hair colour. 

I fail to see how a ring through the middle of the nose is either a good idea, hygienic, or attractive. News flash - you just look STUPID!

Tattoos also have me mystified. I don't get it. At all.

And then there are the sad middle aged overweight women trying to be hip and home dieing their hair green or red or pink (or all of the above). Same news flash ladies!

Having said all that, visiting this alternative universe IS interesting for the buskers, the homeless panhandlers, the young university students caught up in the first flush of independence, the knowledgeable shop assistants who give a damn, the variety of ethnicities, the weird and the fact that SWMBO and I stand out like sore thumbs (BTW I literally have a sore thumb thanks to Tango - maybe that's why I'm vaguely grumpy at the moment).

Enuf. After a dose of blandness in central Hawke's Bay I'll be pumped for a return trip pretty soon I suspect.

Love and peace - Wozza

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