Wednesday, December 16, 2015

L.A. is a great big freeway, put a hundred down and buy a car (Hal David)

In praise of Heathrow airport!

Recently, SWMBO and I went from one extreme to another. One day we were cruising Santa Monica Blvd (as you do) with Fanfa and Jesse after travelling alone the Anaheim to L.A. freeway. 

There were cars everywhere. Open spaces. Blue skies.

A short ten hour plane trip later and we were in London public transport heaven: the London Underground and a London black taxi. It got dark. It was wonderful.

I love flying into Heathrow.

They've revamped the arrivals area and it's different (much more open) but still great (I did like the compactness of the old arrivals as celebrated in Love Actually)

We arrived to be pleasantly surprised by the new arrivals and after a flutter of OMG it's changed, I found the Cafe Nero and WH Smith (for the Observer, being as it was a Sunday).

The Cafe Nero was fabulous! So was The Observer - a REAL paper.

Next was a refresh of our Oyster cards and onto the Underground. SWMBO is still talking about the grin I had on my face as the Piccadilly line train headed into the station.

Love and (contented) peace - Wozza

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