Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Now I'm here, now I'm there (Queen)

Cultural high points came thick and fast this week, our last in London before returning to Waipukurau.

We took in the splendour of the Victoria and Albert Museum and then went to see a musical that a friend of a friend is in at King's Cross Theatre.

Wow! Big time wowsers actually.

The V&A is amazing inside and out. It's billed as 'the world's leading museum for art and design' and I am not going to argue with them.

SWMBO and I spent a day there and loved every minute. 

Gasp out loud (GOL) moments for me were the Turners and William Blake paintings, a Buddha from 200AD, a religious model/carving of The Virgin's death (above), camera obscura photographs, Cameron's Victorian photography get the idea! Lots of GOLs.

Then we went to see In The Heights

Now I'm the first to admit that musicals are not my thing but the dancing and singing on display was so energetic and amazing that I suspended my disbelief for 2 and a bit hours and really enjoyed the experience.

There is so much talent around London, it's scary!

And that's it for our latest U.K. tour - England and Wales! Hope to see you again soon!

Off to Heathrow now to catch a plane to L.A. and then back to Nu Zild with SWMBO.

Love and peace - Wozza

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