Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Life's a flutter (The Unthanks)


A few days ago I was in London - cold outside and loving it - about 5 degrees - walking to Upper Street along the busy north London streets - dodging other pedestrians - checking for dog poos on the street - thinking about traffic and what gallery we may be visiting via Angel - enjoying an English breakfast tea and apricot danish at Caffe Nero.

As I write, it's a few days later and I'm in rural New Zealand - stinking hot outside (and inside) - about 31 degrees today and hating it - teaching English classes - thinking about the 40 minute drive back to Waipukurau after work - enjoying a mocha from Bay Expresso on the way.

They could be on different planets rather than opposite ends of the same planet.

I like both but the difference being: when I'm in NZ/Waipukurau I miss London and all it has to offer; when I'm in London I don't miss NZ/Waipukurau.

Love and peace innit - Wozza

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