Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Someone’s got it in for me, they’re planting stories in the press; whoever it is I wish they’d cut it out quick but when they will I can only guess (Bob Dylan)

I'm hacked off!!

Adam rang me a few nights ago with the news that my Facebook page had been hacked. 

Sure enough someone had changed details on my profile so I changed my password and then, when I checked it the next day, someone had hacked it again and posted objectionable pictures. Jeesh - why bother????

Why why why??? 

My first thought was - get your own life and leave mine alone.

I seem small potatoes in this world. Hacking an account seems such an insignificantly silly thing to do to someone you don't know. Was it a prank maybe? I'll never know. 

What I will know for a while is the feeling of being violated. 

Yes hacking my account was a violation of my right to write and post my stuff and have friends in a social media platform.

So I deleted my page (not that easy to do btw - I had to google how to close a Facebook account, follow the directions and jump through a few hoops to get shut of the thing).

All of that left a nasty taste and I don't believe I'll reinstate the page or start a new one.

As you can tell, I am pretty cheesed off with the whole thing and feel most put out.

Facebook fulfilled two main roles for me: one was to keep me in touch with my overseas friends in the UK, America and Middle East - that was the primary reason for starting my page; secondly, Tweets about my blog posts simultaneously appeared on my Facebook page so that my family and friends could access them if they wished.

I regret the loss of F******k for the first one because I'll now lose touch with many of those people I guess.

As for the second one? I'm picking that anyone who wants to read my blogs on a regular basis is already following, getting email alerts or tuning in from time to time anyway. If they are not doing any of those things then F******k is redundant anyway isn't it!

As for other uses? Well it's not like I posted regular pithy updates or shared much there, so - who knows what's good or bad, my life goes on without F******k. 

Cry me a river.

Love and peace to everyone except all the hoodied hackers out there - Wozza

BTW - my Twitter account is just up there on the right hand column if you feel up to it.

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