Monday, January 9, 2017

Here comes the nice (Small Faces)

Rambling Man (You may say I'm a dreamer - Chapter 10 part 9)

Meanwhile back in Stratford...I was back with the sheep!

When Jacky and I returned to Taranaki in July of 2010 we found the family all geographically spread out. While we were in Stratford, Keegan was at Auckland University doing his masters degree, Adam was at Waikato University, Samantha was either in San Francisco or Wellington with Jesse, and Jade was in Palmerston North doing her nursing degree.

This is how we continue to live - geographically spread out. It's just what we do.

I decided on a few things. First, I'd said farewell to the Indian barbers of our neighbourhood hair cutting souq in central Doha. Cheap - 15 QR, and great if you liked a buzz cut with an upper body massage thrown in and some sweet smelling scent chucked on the bristles. Hygiene wasn't big on their agenda. Actually, it wasn't anywhere on their agenda. But they were cheap!

So - I was growing my hair!

Secondly, I wanted to return to university to work on my doctorate, rather than get another teaching position so I sussed out Massey and Waikato for what they could offer me. Massey were pretty snobby and unhelpful but Waikato were much friendlier so I started planning. 

A PhD in English or education? I was excited.

In the meantime Adam graduated with his music/Japanese centred BA, Jacky went back to work at New Plymouth's Base Hospital. and me? Well - I did house renovations and watched Lost In Space boxed sets!!

Then Cognition rang. There was a contract available in the United Arab Emirates - working as a Lead Adviser in a school in Al Ain - an oasis town of some 400, 000 people in the heart of the desert, about 90 minutes from Dubai heading south.

I said, no thanks! I'm enrolling in the doctoral programme at Waikato University.

Weeks went by. I decided to opt for an Education focus...but...

...the thought of new adventures in the Middle East gnawed away at me. I told Jacky (who already knew what was coming). Cognition rang me back - was I interested yet? This time, I said, YES!

We were heading back to the Middle East for a two year contract, to Al Ain. The rambling days were not done with just yet!

Love and peace - Wozza

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