Monday, March 27, 2017

I'm a feline Casanova, hey man that's that (Stray Cats)

It's about time I updated the very patient blogosphere on the animal situation at Rochdene. 

All of you will remember that SWMBO and I went looking for an aviary a few months ago and came home with two cats.

Said cats, Scooter is the male, Flower is the female were part of the scaredy variety initially, but they've now become quite at home.



Although he looks somewhat moody in the photo, Scooter is the well behaved one - using the scratching post and the cat door expertly. He's also much more outdoorsey.

Flower, however uses the carpet and couch rather than the scratching post and has no intention of ever learning how to operate the cat door. She's a tart, but a cuddly lovable tart.

Animal wise we also have a second horse to join Grace at Rochdene (a sign is still on the agenda). He's a weirdly put together neddy but very gentle with humans. He has established his male dominance of poor Grace and looks quite at home as well. Name - Beetle Bomb (from the Spike Jones classic skit) or Beetle for short.

Week 7 - Book 7: Orphan X (Gregg Hurwitz)

I needed some quick reads to keep me on track for my one book a week goal and so I grabbed this from Whitcoulls in Whangarei.

This one looked like it could be one to grip me after the last couple.

So far, so good. The jacket has a great line from David Baldacci which is about right after 26 pages. Thanks David!

Love and peace - Wozza

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