Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Nobody wants to be left out, uh-huh (Sly and the Family Stone)

Family ledge - 2017 version

Recently, Fanfa rang from San Francisco, having seen the post about BRG and made enquires about...her dolls!!

Realisation dawned that I had only partially created a new family ledge. Jade's bears, Keegan's fish, SWMBO's painting, Adam's CDs. They were all in cupboards/boxes/or somewhere in the main house. Calling to me.

But all is well now - the family ledge is BACK. 

Week 8 - Book 8: Teacherpreneurs (Berry, Byrd, Weider)  

Baggy trousers has a post, if you are keen on my opinions on this one.

Week 8 - Book 9: John lennon in My Life (Pete Shotton and Nicolas Schaffner)

I visited Piggery Books in Whangarei last weekend and came away with this little beauty - Pete Shotton's autobiography.

Did I already have it back home in ART? I wasn't sure, but at $14.50, it was worth the punt. 

Turns out I didn't and so this week I'll be indulging in this and a backlog of Mojo Magazines!

And, of course, gazing at the family ledge and trying to cope with the eyes from Fanfa's dolls that follow me about the room!!

Love and peace - Wozza

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