Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Is there a certain age you're supposed to be? (Arctic Monkeys)

Week 10 - Book 10: The Fire Witness (Lars Kepler)  

Week one of the school holidays and I've finished this one, provided by a colleague from school. It's a rapid fire murder mystery set in Sweden and written by a young Swedish couple writing as 'Lars Kepler'.

It's similar in feel to Steig Larsson - gritty/ violent/ Swedish. 

Interestingly, I was nearly done and had wondered why it was called The Fire Witness. I guessed it was alluding to a key character but I had no idea. Sure enough - 450 pages in the answer is revealed.

Actually, my most interesting question while reading it was - how do two people write a book?

A few times I'd thought I'd noticed a change in style but the short sentences and short chapters keep the integrity pretty seamless.

Anyway, great book if you've looking for something quick and addictive!

Week 10 - Book 11: On Experience (David Malouf) 

Went to The Piggery (second hand book store in Whangarei) to score some fresh titles and this one appealed. 

On Experience contains a couple of essays written by Malouf, published by The Melbourne University Press.

It's very interesting. Easter saw SWMBO and Wozza enjoying the visit of some family. Of course storytelling is always a big part of such reunions. 

Malouf: In the word-of-mouth world that is a family, storytelling is still part of the complex give and take of daily intercourse, a means of weaving the past into the present to create continuity.

A casual listener would not have a clue what we were talking about - boomats and ootwag, Schwana McTwa and The Director dolls, family ledges and DeeDoo, Woody picture and Nerf guns, Fanfa and the Bruins. It's our own language and the storytelling is peculiar to our family.

We headed to some local sights - waterfalls and caves, and so, some new stories joined the past. 

Experience. Fascinating.

Love and peace - Wozza

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