Friday, May 22, 2009

Born a poor young country boy, mother nature's son

I have returned home from this morning's football (1-0 loss to New Plymouth Boys' High School's Under 15s) and leap into the tractor saddle for some harrowing. It's a beautiful crisp morning. A southerly is pushing clouds up against the mountain. They push past and head up the coast towards Mokau. The southerly brings the frigid air straight from Antarctica. It dumps snow on the Remarkables in the South Island before heading our way. I wear a beanie, scarf and old clothes to harrow. I have my camera with me. The tractor is out of petrol so I need to return to the house. Along the way I am distracted by the leaves that have fallen from a tree near the garage. I take pictures, thinking about the journey of the maple leaf from the Buddhist poet, thinking about the film Jacky and I saw last night - Defiance. It's about four brothers who lead a growing group of Jews to safety during World War 2. It has haunted me since last night. Jacky is out with the horses trying out saddles and the leaves are still falling. I try to get a picture of a fantail that plops onto a branch above my head - maybe the photo will come out. I return to the tractor and enjoy my session of cleaning horse paddocks. I finish just as the cold grey southerlies bunch up and threaten snow. It is cold. The southerly is beginning to bite. I load up some wood for the fire and head inside. A hot cup of tea and a plan to read more of my latest Guardian Weekly is interrupted by the need to write. I put on the second side (yes vinyl) of Pink Floyd's album 'More'. It is the perfect soundtrack. When the side finishes I repeat it. I sit down at the computer and download my photos from this morning. I start writing...

Time for another cuppa. Love and peace - W
P.S Try for a companion Nature piece.

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GJML said...

You are your sons father! (except for the harrowing.)