Saturday, May 9, 2009

Like the north wind whistling down the sky, I've got a song

It's the weekend and I found some time to take some more photos of the animals and things - will get to them in a sec. The photo left is of our front door. Shock horror probe I know but it's taken from where the pine trees were that I chopped down a few posts ago.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have seen the weather pixie with his brollie out all week - some torrential downpours (about half an hour ago) have been mixed in with lovely sun drenched weather (right now). Yesterday my boys' football team had their second game. Last week we got hammered!! Much closer yesterday - a three all draw. I ref'd the first half - crisp beautiful sunny morning when I started, then after 10 minutes a terrific cold blast of wind and blizzard conditions!! Weird.

This morning's photos followed the same pattern - when I started nice and sunny but I could see a huge black raincloud envelop the mountain and then head towards us.

While I was taking this photo I noticed two desire paths, one that the sheep had made down to the pond (in complete contrast to the track I take around the trees - they'd made a desire path through them). The other path was originally made by us going down to the chook house and the sheep have adopted it. Fascinating stuff eh. Where else would you get this kind of gold? Here they are (sheep one first)
I decided to try and showcase a different clutch of animals today. First - the horses. We have a guest - Midas is a very cute little pony - cheeky and extremely inquisitive. First photo is Kash (note the correct spelling please Jacky), then Kash and Midas sniffing around a feed bin and then Midas close up.
Last week I had Bazil featured and Finn got upset so here he is with his smart new haircut, inside and outside (including his 'say please' cutsey act.

...and here's Jacky's horse Charlie being ridden by Aimee (she also happens to be in my sixth form English class). He won lots of ribbons as you can all see.

In case you haven't caught up with the news - Rochdale and Gillingham drew 0 - 0 in the first leg. Come on the Dale! Second game is in the coming week. Look out for a special Rochdale themed post next week to celebrate (whateva happens).

Love and peace (and understanding) - W

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