Friday, March 12, 2010

And your bird can sing (The Beatles)

Time to meet Najma! We were missing the menagerie from home so we decided on a canary to provide some song and joy. As you will all know Najma is now the most spoiled canary on the face of the earth. I'm getting a little ahead of myself though.

We have often stopped at the Souq Waqif to admire the birds, cats and assorted pets (turtles, lizards, fish) that are for sale there. We settled on looking for a canary so we stood around listening for a good singer. This is tough to do given there are hundreds of birds there. I got chatting to a Qatari man who obviously owned a lot of them. His birds all come from his shopping expeditions to Belgium, France and Holland. We eventually found one we liked (from Belgium) and negotiated a price. In the end we got the cage, bird and bird seed for 215 riyal (about 70 dollars). He also agreed to buy back the cage and bird for half that price when we left Doha. So he was quite cheep (ouch).

Having brokered this deal of the century we set off for home with Najma in his flash cage. Najma means 'star' in English and he certainly was a hit as we walked home. Everyone we passed wanted a peek and broke into a broad smile when they saw him. We're very happy with him and he with us. He's certainly landed on his feet!

Najma enjoys a great view of Doha.

Ka kite ano, love and peace - Wozza

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