Monday, March 29, 2010

Looking for adventure and whatever comes our way (Steppenwolf)

Road trip 2.

The Aspire Zone is a lovely part of Doha - it has a variety of sports venues, a huge tower (pictured left), two huge malls (Villaggio and Hyatt Plaza) and, as we discovered last weekend, a nice park area with some amazing baobab trees.

Last weekend, we decided to have a look. And so we found ourselves wandering happily around the water feature, climbing a hill with a view over the surrounding area and trying to find some silence amid all the din of the city.

We nearly managed it - however, the low hum from an AC unit, muffled voices from fellow wanderers and the distant thrumm of traffic was an ever present reminder of where we were.

Unfortunately the day wasn't the brightest, sun wise - a low level dust storm meant we had gritty skies. Nevertheless we had a groovy time reading in the shade of a tree, looking at the signs (no sitting? What the hey? what are those things in the background for then? Eh Eh?),

and posing with the really cool baobabs.

You've probably noticed that we had the park (all 88 acres of it) pretty much to ourselves -maybe cos everyone is a lot saner than us and had gone into the AC controlled malls around the park.

The water features are a nice touch - a huge amount of fish in them with some ducks and geese on top. The wildlife in Doha is pretty limited, given it's a desert, but the dragonflies at the park help make up for the narrow range available.

Jacky took the dragonfly picture - great eh?

We've heard from all the sprogs lately (including Fanfa) so I'll do a catch up on them in the next post (inshallah).

Love and peace - Wozza

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