Thursday, April 8, 2010

Powdered down (Adam Purdy)

(A tad overdue) catch up on the chillun is required , prompted by Samantha's recent email and phone call. Here is a slightly abridged version of the email, starting with a comment on Adam's music...

I love all his music he throws at us all. Jesse does as well and we play it around the house quite a bit. I even blast it on the stereo at work after hours sometimes. I much prefer his instrumental stuff rather than the death noise he used to play in high school.

So news from the states...hmm lets see. work is going great, i'm having a blast working in the Castro and hanging out with some pretty awesome people and puppy dogs. Recent events at work include my fellow grooming assistant becoming a stripper at San franciscos first strip club 'Condor Club'. She is stoked, i have no idea why but hey its San Francisco and after eight months i have learnt that anything here goes.

Last week was spring break for students so my flat mates Peter and his girlfriend Sara rode the bus to Mexico for the week, Richard flew up to Seattle to spend time with his friends an Jesse and i travelled up to Tahoe for some snow shoeing and car camping. I got an extra day off work so we had plenty of time to explore the area of Southern lake Tahoe. There was soooooooooo much snow but it was really hot T shirt weather. I kept thinking of mum while i was there and of how much she would of loved to have seen all of the snow covered cabins up in the hills where the bald eagles live.

In other news: we are officially getting evicted from our house, ive since visited San Francisco Zoo, walked across the golden gate bridge, been to a few frat parties at Stanford university, Jesse hit his head on a table while playing indoor soccer at his brothers apartment in Stanford and we spent 4 hours in the emergency room- resulting in 14 stitches to Jesses eyebrow area, yesterday we visited the Palace of the legion of honor museum and admired works from such artists as Dali, Monet, Manet, Giotto etc, the weather is getting hot hot hot and we are off to the beach in a few minutes to play some frisbee and last but not least Jesse graduates on May 21st so we are leaving May 23rd for a roadtrip around the USA visiting places like Sacremento, Seattle, Canada, Yellowstone national park, Wyoming, Vermont, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Utah, colorado to name just a few. Our roadtrip will last up until i have to fly out on July 8th. Univesity begins earlier than expected you see, July 12th to be specific.

The other three are fine and dandy - Adam is about to finish (successfully) with university. Like many he is questioning things right at the brink of completion but he will be satisfied when the last bit is finished.

Jade (in a freaky same as Fanfa pose above) is on her Easter break in New Plymouth. Was a funny feeling working through my Easter in Doha (as an Islamic country Easter is not recognised on the calendar) - first time ever for that but I received a great message via Annette's blog which helped.

Keegan is also fine - looking for a part time job to sustain him through his masters' thesis. More on that when he tells me the title of it.

Love and peace - W

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