Thursday, June 2, 2011

You think that I'm strong (Robbie Williams)

The football season is done and dusted. Phew! What an agony it was. I'm exhausted.

I hope you have all noted that I have spared you posts through the long dark night of the premier league season. It would have been ugly, to quote Iggy - no fun my babe.

There's always next season (new 2011-12 kit)
 Oh Arsenal we love you. But, boy, did they strain the bounds this season.

We nosedived after the Birmingham trauma in the Milk Cup or whatever it's called this year and never looked forward. So we finished 4th and now we have to qualify for Europe again. Oh well. We didn't deserve any better.

You know I'm a glass half full kinda guy though, and there was a positive to be lifted from the mire - we finished ahead of Spurs. Wahoo!

Yes we were in contention for four trophies till late in the piece, and yes at various points we beat the league champions (Man U 1-0) and the European champions (Barcelona 2-1), Chelski (3-1) and Man City (3-0), but the loss at Wembley to the now relegated B/ham City outweighs it all and is the lowest of the low points.

It was a tough call in the end, between that horrible experience, and Jacky suggesting I choose another team - one in another colour; blue maybe.

Meanwhile, Rochdale F.C. , by good luck and good management, performed brilliantly to achieve their highest ever place in the football league tables. Unfortunately the good management has been lured away to the bright lights of Barnsley for next season which provides an opportunity for someone else! Keep the faith Christine!

Love and peace - Wozza

P.S. For now I am content to follow the path of the Auckland Blues through the rugby Super 15. Currently in second place and looking good.

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