Sunday, June 12, 2011

Red yellow honey, sassafras and moonshine (Laura Nyro)

The weekend saw us in Dubai for some essential appointments (me - hair, she who must be obeyed - eyebrows) at various locations (me - Dubai Mall, SWMBO - Burjman Centre). Brian tagged along too so we stayed overnight to take in the sights.

While at the Dubai Mall we visited the Aquarium and underwater zoo. It's a great facility - I never tire of watching the sharks and other species roaming around the 10 million litres of carefully maintained water. The highlights in the zoo are the otters, the penguins, the swing-bridge, turtles, alligators and piranhas. Amazing to think it's all inside a mall. Jade is looking forward to seeing the penguins in a few weeks' time. We watched for a while as they were feed. The zoo handler carefully noted who she had fed so that no one missed out.

The remainder of the weekend was spent on the Big Bus Tour of Dubai. Brian hasn't seen Dubai for some time and was amazed at the changes. The Atlantis complex was a notable stop on the Palm islands - the Lost Chamber of Atlantis is amazing and well worth the effort. No expense has been spared - it is really what I imagine the mythical city to have been like. The setting for the Lost Chamber is truly spectacular with its sculptures and wall displays. Some inhabitants of Atlantis are also on display.

The other notable stop was at a souq on the banks of the Dubai Creek. Before taking the water taxi across the Creek, Brian decided to buy a watch.

I should have sold tickets as Brian put on a master class in how to confuse the poor watch sellers over the repair of his old watch before going in for the kill with the haggle over prices of a new watch. Day turned to night as the epic battle raged over the merits of various short listed items. Books and manuals were produced by the sellers as evidence, thumb screws were used by Brian to force down the price. As dehydration started to take its toll (we deprived the poor seller of his tea), the pressure mounted until there could only be one winner (on the day).

Amazingly a price was agreed upon to a fanfare of trumpets; we eventually emerged bloodied but unbowed and Brian had his new timepiece.

Love and peace - Wozza

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