Thursday, August 4, 2011

Goodness, gracious...(Jerry Lee Lewis)

We are trying to make the most of things we don't have access to in sand land. That means Pretty Green (Liam Gallagher's clothing line), FOPP/ HMV for me;  Jigsaw and equestrian shops for Jacky.

It also means using the tube as much as possible, listening to BBC's Radio 2, buying the Guardian every day, visiting the National Galleries (today was the Portrait Gallery's turn to be blessed with our presence - a great display of old Hollywood glamour shots was the draw) and going to as many of the West End stage shows as we can afford while we are here. Last night we saw Million Dollar Quartet (tonight we are off to see Wicked).

Now, no way is Jacky a fan of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee or Carl Perkins - the bloke who wrote Matchbox, Honey Don't and others, including a ditty about his shoes (made of suede and strangely coloured they were), so I was a little worried she may not enjoy it that much.

Wrong. She loved it. Amazing. She always moans when I play any of that early rock'n'roll stuff (particularly Johnny Cash) but she clapped and danced along with me.

It was incredible to see great musicians also taking on the persona of their character. 'Jerry Lee' was a manic presence, 'Elvis' and 'Johnny' were spot on in vocal and character mannerisms. Scary, the talent that is out there in the world.

We are off for a nostalgic return journey, tomorrow, to Leigh-on-sea  (where we lived from 2004 to early 2007).

Love and peace - Wozza

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