Sunday, August 28, 2011

It can't get much worse (The Beatles)

What a suckful weekend of sporting results.

All Blacks lose to Australia. Youch!

Barcelona win some supercup and Fabregas scores for them. Double youch!

Arsene has not replaced Fabregas.

Nasri goes to Man City and they win 5-1 (the only good news all weekend so far was that it was Spurs who got thumped).

He has not replaced Nasri. Getting the idea?

Now to top it off Arsenal play Man U at Old Trafford in a few minutes. Not only without Nasri and Fabregas but with injuries and suspensions they are fielding a make-shift defence and mid-field. Doom and gloom time my friends.

The game is about to kick off so I'll be back at half time with some dire predictions for the second half and so you can trace my despair in real time...

Oh mi God - it just got worse - the dreaded David Pleat is doing the commentary (an old Spurs foe and therefore he'll love putting the knife in for 90 minutes.

Half time and about what I thought. They get 2 early goals through sloppy defending and we miss a penalty. Half ends 3-1 but could have been more.

My prediction for the second half - we'll definitely lose but we'll play better in the second half. Maybe nick a goal late so a 4-2 or 5-2 scoreline (if we're lucky).

Full time (Thank God!!) and I was wrong by 3. 8-2 is a shock and a humiliation. I feel quite numb. Even I didn't think it was going to be that bad. We actually deserved to lose - yes - but 8-2?

Woe! The papers are going to have a field day.

I'm off to bed!

Wozza (not much love and peace on offer at present)

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